Direct Liquidation offers a full white glove service when offering our auction expertise. Jeff and his team create an exciting auction built on a solid theme to create maximum buzz and interest around your asset liquidation. 

Direct Liquidation commits to fully managing and coordinating all aspects of the auction. 


  1. Onsite staffing for set up (approx 2 weeks) in advance of the auction
  2. Cataloging and inventory registration
  3. Managing all sales on the day of the auction 
  4. Clearing
  5. Supervision of removal 
  6. Merchant POS system and discounts 2% Visa, MasterCard and AMEX
  7. All advertising and promotions 
  8. Auction day staffing 

Marketing and Promotions:

- Development of campaign 

- Creation of all marketing materials, graphic design, printing, online and offline ads

- Promotion on all proprietary social media platforms 

- e-mail blasts 

- Online Auction Platform

- Paid online web advertising

- Access to live auction world platform to allow for remote worldwide bidding 

- Press releases for local media attendance

- Press release to major newspapers 

- Radio interviews

- Local newspaper advertising

- Craigslist advertising

For business owners looking for a quick and lucrative way to exit their current location for any reason, on-site auctions are a great resource that Direct Liqudation provides. Direct Liquidation staff will attend your facility, conduct a thorough set up process, inventorying and photographing every item; we advertise these auctions heavily and the attendance and bidding is always strong. Direct Liquidation staff take care of every aspect of these auctions from beginning to end.