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Liquidation – Designer Quality, Discounted Prices


Direct Liquidation was first located in Burnaby, British Columbia. 10 years later and with the expansion of the DL brand, there are now locations all across Canada.

We specialize in purchasing, retailing and wholesaling merchandise. We help our customers liquidate their inventory, whether it be by canceled orders, blow out sales of retailers, buybacks, over production, insurance, freight claims and more. We virtually handle any kind of liquidation situation from movie sets to personal collections. Little known fact: Direct Liquidation is the number one mattress dealer in Canada. Buying and selling more mattresses than any other wholesaler or retailer.

Jeff Schwarz, is the President and CEO of Direct Liquidation and has been in the liquidation business for over 20 years. He has been featured on OLN in the reality TV Series, The Liquidator with 91 episodes and 5 seasons. “We work hard to help our consumers and stores unload their merchandise and pass on the savings to our retailers and customers at discounted prices.”

Giving Back

Here at DL, giving back to the communities we serve is a big part of our core values. We're proud to have supported invaluable charities and programs:

Heart of Hope Foundation
BC Special Olympics
Lotus Lights
Salvation Army
Plus numerous other schools, teams, clubs and associations.


Jeff Schwarz (CEO Direct Liquidation) Anything to Sell? We’ll buy it Contact me today jeff@directliquidation.ca  As we strive for customer excellence, we love hearing about your experiences.

Feel free to email us anytime call 604 294-2331 for store number

Head Office
Direct Liquidation
2306 Madison Ave Burnaby, B.C.
V5C 5E3